Admi Poetry

Admi poetry is something about a common man. In this type of poetry poet wants to talk about the life of a human the ups and downs that a common man faces. As we all know Allah has created a mankind in to different types. Some are healthy some are wealthy some are good looking some are good in other things from other. No one is same in this planet everyone is facing any problem in their life which is different from others. “Admi poetry” is also about this all in which poet describes all the type of man. In Admi poetry poet deals with all the feelings emotion sadness love through which a common man is suffering he quotes all those feelings beautifully into his poetry.

Admi poetry According to common man:

According to common man he thought that a poet is observing him and write all his poetry about their life. All the words are explaining his feelings through which he is suffering from.

Admi poetry According to poet:

According to poet he said that I’m expressing the feeling of a common person. In my poetry all the conditions I’m quoting in my poetry are related to the common man. Through which a man is going through and all that is reality based.

Admi poetry is inspiration:

This poetry is also used by motivational or inspirational speaker they gives examples of this type of poetry in their speeches.

   Admi Admi say kahfa

Admi Admi say kahfa hota hay

Har roz ik tamasha naiya hota hay

Admi khuc wo baymisal

Admi khuc woh baymisal nahi

jisky dil main tera khiyal nahi

Har admi main

Har admi main hoty hain das bees admi

jisko bhi dehkna ho kai bar dehkna

Admi bulbula hay

Zeesat ka atibar kia hay Ameer

Admi bulbula hay pani ka

Admi bay sabab

Fikar ki talkiyoun main gum ho kar

Admi bay sabab bhi hansta hay