Abdul Hameed Adam Biography

Abdul Hameed Adam

Name: Abdul Hameed Adam

Quick Facts

Born in: Talwandi Musa Khan, Gujranwala, Punjab

Birth date: April 10, 1910

Died: March 10 1981

Nationality: Pakistani

Abdul Hameed Adam, a well-known Urdu poet from Pakistan. Firstly, he used “Akhtar” as his assumed name, and then he changed his pen name to “Adam”.

Abdul Hameed Adam Early life and Education: 

He had born as Abdul Hameed in Gujranwla District, Punjab on April 10, 1910. He got his early education at Gujranwala. Then, his family went to Lahore. There, he got admission in Islamia High School. At Islamia High School, he learned under the guidance of Mirza Adeeb who was a famous Urdu writer. When he turned to 16 years, his father passed away in 1926. Hence, he was supported by one of his relative, who became his father in law in near future. He joined the Military Account Department as a clerk in 1927/1928 and get married soon.

Abdul Hameed went to the Middle East and served the Iraq and Iran during the Second World War. There, he married to an Iraqi girl. But their relationship had not remained longer and she left him. 

Poetic Career:

He started writing his feelings in form of poetry in his teen age. He had influenced by Hafeez Jalandhari and Akhtar Sherani, the greatest poets of his time. Well, he had a simple but expressive way of writing. In 1934, his first writing “Naqsh e Dawaam” published. It only contained nazams and had written in the style of Akhtar Sherani, Hafeez Jalandhari and Josh Malehabadi. Also, he had written ghazals in future. 

Therefore, some of his notable work included

  • Dastaan e Heer
  • Jhoot Sach
  • Nadaniyan
  • Dastoor e Wafa
  • Doulat e Bedaar
  • Barbat o Jaam
  • Nisaab e dil and many others.

He died in Lahore on March 10, 1981 in Lahore. May Allah rest his soul in peace.