Noon Meem Rasheed Biography

noon meem rasheed

Name: Noon Meem Rasheed

Quick Facts

Born in: Alipur Chatha, Punjab, British India

Birth date: August 1, 1910

Died: October 9, 1975

Real Name: Nazar Muhammad

Spouse: Safia Rasheed, and Sheila Rasheed

Children: Nasreen Rasheed,Shaheen Sheikh, Shahryar Rasheed, Yasmeen Hassan, Tamzin Rasheed, and Nazril Rasheed

Nationality: Pakistani

Noon Meem Rasheed, an Urdu poet, Critic and thinker from Pakistan. 

Noon Meem Rasheed Early life and Education:

He had born as Nazar Muhammad in Kot Bhaaga Village now Alipur Chatha on August 1, 1910. Well, he belonged to the Janjua family. He enrolled in Government College Lahore and received and Master’s degree in Economics from there. 


During the Second World War, he served as a Captain in Royal Indian Army. In 1942, he worked with All India Radio. After Independence in 1947, he moved to Peshawar and worked there until 1953. Later, Voice of America appointed him and he went to New York.  

Furthermore, in Urdu Literature, he is known as the “father of modernism”. Also he is among the Progressive poets along with the Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Firstly, in poetry, he adopted the style of Robert Browing, John Keats and Matthew Arnold and had written poetry according to their style. His written poem Zindagi sy Darty ho” used in a Music of Bollywood film Peepli Live. 

Also, some of his notable work included:

  • Iran mein Ajnabi
  • Gumaan ka Mumkin (Published in 1976 after his death)
  • La Musawi Insaan (1969)
  • Maqalat 
  • Mavraa

In addition to these, his famous books are:

  • Poems of N.M Rashed: A Poet of the Third World
  • The Dissident Voice: Poems of N.M Rashed
  • Noon Meem Rashed’s, Hasan the Pot Maker, and Other Poems

In his honor, “Noon Meem Rasheed Hall” established at Post Graduate Block, Government College Lahore. He passed away at the age of 65 in London on October 9, 1975. May Allah rest his soul in peace.