Peer Naseer ud Din Biography

Peer Naseer ud Din

Name: Peer Naseer ud Din

Quick Facts:

Born in: Golra Sharif, Pakistan

Birth date: November 14, 1949

Parents: Syed Ghulam Moin ud Din Gillani

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Died: Feburary 13, 2009

Peer Syed Naseer ud Din Gillani, a great well-known poet, religious Scholar and Sufi of the Chishti order.

Peer Naseer ud Din Early life:

He had born in Golra Sharif, Pakistan on November 14, 1949. He belonged to Sufism Qadiriyya Chishti order. Well, he had known as for different titles including the Perfect Propagator of Islam, The Emperor of rhetoric, the Light of Golra, Resourceful Person, The great Poet of seven languages, the Glorious of era etc. 

As a Poet:

Along with the “Sajjad a Nasheen” of religious family of Golra Sharif, he was also a well-known Sufi poet in his own right. He had also written the poetry in Urdu, Punjabi and in Arabic language. Through his poetry, he spread the teachings of Islam around the World especially in Potohar region. He had also written more than forty books on different themes. As a result, his poetic books received acclaim. He had also traveled across the world to spread the message of Islam. He opposed to conventional mysticism and considered spiritual and moral training for personal development. 

His famous books included

  • Naam o Nasab
  • Rang e Nizam
  • Peman e Shab
  • Islam mein Shayari ki haseeat
  • Aaghosh e Heart
  • Lafaz Allah ki Takhleek
  • Muwazana e Ilm o Karamat
  • Mataa e Zeest
  • Punjabi Qalam
  • Fatwa Navesi ky Adaab
  • Kia Iblees Aalim tha
  • Peeran e Peer ki Shakhsiat, Seerat, taleemat 

However, at the age of 58, he passed away in Golra Sharif, Islamabad capital Territory on February 13, 2009. He died due to the heart attack and laid to rest at his family burial ground, Golra Sharif. May Allah rest his soul in peace.