Saghar Siddique Biography

Saghar Siddique

Name: Saghar Siddique

Quick Facts:

Born in: Ambala, British India

Birth Date: 1928

Died: July 19, 1974

Real Name: Muhammad Akhtar

Nationality: Pakistani

Saghar Siddique, a Pakistani Urdu poet. He used “Saghar” as his assumed name. 

Saghar Siddique Early Life and Education:

He had born as Muhammad Akhtar in Ambala, British India in 1928. Well, he spent his early life in Ambala and Saharanpur. He received his early education at home from one of the family friend, Habib Hassan. Habib Hassan was inspiration for him and he started poetry at his early age. He frequently read different Urdu newspaper including Zamindar, Inquilab, and Ahsan. Firstly, he used his pen name “Nasir Hijazi” then changed to “Saghar Siddique”. At the age of 15, he frequently attended poetry recitals. In 1945, he attented the Peer Sabir Urs and also took part in poetry recitals (mushaira) there .When he turned to 19, he relocated to Pakistan at the Independence of Pakistan in 1947. 

Poetic Career:

He wrote poetry both in Urdu and Punjabi languages. The genre of his work was ghazals, Free verse and Nazam. He had written poetry for film industry and also for different magazines. He often sung beautiful ghazals in his tuneful voice. At that time, he was becoming famous, but he had faced some tragedies in his life. Even he used to sell his poetry for his livelihood. 

Based on his life, a French writer named Julien Columeau, had written a semi-fictional Urdu Novel. 

On July 19, 1974 he passed away at the age of 46 in Lahore, Pakistan. He laid to rest at Maini Sahib Graveyard. Later, his tomb was built at Miani Sahib Graveyard. May Allah rest his soul in peace.