Shibli Noumani Biography

Shibli Noumani

Name: Shibli Noumani

Quick Facts: 

Born in: Bindwal, Uttar Pradesh

Birth date: June 4, 1857

Died: November 18, 1914

Parents: Shaikh Habibullah (Father), Moqeema Khatoon (Mother)

Children: Rabia Khatoon, Jannutul Fatima and Hamid Hassan Noumani

Religion: Islam

Shibli Noumani, a poet and an Islamic scholar from India.  He founded the Shibli National College in 1883. Also, he established the Darul Mussanifin in Azamgarh.

Shibli Noumani Early life and Education:

He had born in Bindwal, Uttar Pradesh on June 4, 1857. He belonged to Noumani family who were descended from Imam Abu Hanifa. In his early age, he gained traditional Islamic education. Moulana Muhammad Farooq Chirayakoti was his mentor in his early schooling. Later he moved to Makkah to perform Hajj. There, he studied Sufism, History, Philosophy, and Islamic theology from various Islamic scholars in Arabia. 


When he came back to India, he encounter with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who had founded the Aligarh Muslim University. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan offered him to join a University. Hence, he started teaching there on February 1, 1882 and taught Arabic and Persian languages. He remained teaching there for 16 years. During teaching at Aligarh, he met Thomas Arnold from whom he gained knowledge of Western thoughts.  Moreover, he along with Thomas Arnold travelled to Syria, Turkey, Egypt and other Middle East countries. 

In 1898, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan died; hence Shibli Noumani left the Aligarh University. And, he joined the Education department in Hyderabad as an Advisor. 

Shilbi wanted Muslims to gain their lost respect. Therefore, he inspired Muslims through his writings. He had written many books. Some of his books including:

  • Seerat un Nabi
  • Al Farooq
  • Imam ibn e Tamia
  • Al Ma’mun
  • Seerat an Noman
  • Sher ul Ajam
  • Al Ghazali
  • Ilm Kalam
  • Safar Nama e Rome o Misr o Sham

However, he passed away at the age of 57 on November 18, 1914. May Allah rest his soul in peace.