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Admi Poetry

Admi poetry is something about a common man. In this type of poetry poet wants to talk about the life of a human the ups and downs that a common man faces. As we all know Allah has created a mankind in to different types. Some are healthy some are … Read More...

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Insan Poetry

Insan poetry (human poetry) is something about common man as we all know that Allah has created mankind. Upright but they have gone in search of many schemes human beings are anatomically. Similar and related to the great apes (monkey) but are distinguished by a more highly developed brain. Read More...

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Silsilay tor gaya woh sabhi jatay jatay

Silsilay tor gaya woh sabhi jatay jatay

Warna itne to marasim the k aate jaate

Shikwa zulmat shab se to kaheen behtar tha

Apne hisse ki koi shama jalaate jaate

Kitna asaan tha tere hijar me marna janaa

Phir bhi ik umar lagi jaan se jaate jaate

Jashan maqtal hi