Insan Poetry

Insan poetry (human poetry) is something about common man as we all know that Allah has created mankind. Upright but they have gone in search of many schemes human beings are anatomically. Similar and related to the great apes (monkey) but are distinguished by a more highly developed brain. Insan poetry is a prototype representative of maximum people in a society. Many poets and motivational speakers work on Insan poetry for the grooming of the peoples. Within their surrounding and also away from them.

Insan Poetry according to poet:

According to the poet is that he somewhere explains the life of a common person. That what difficulties he had faced in their life’s most the poets just discuss about the love life of a common. That from what he is suffering he talk about all this in his poetry and convey his experiences about common man through it.

Insan Poetry according to common man:

According to common man this poetry is the way of expressing feelings, emotions, sensations and many other things in their life. The time going through it some of the people take poetry so seriously that they thing that the poet is writing about his life in his poetry.

Insan Poetry according to motivational speakers:

According to motivational speakers this poetry is something which they used in their speeches. To acknowledged and to motivate their listeners and to aware them about all the circumstances happening in their life.

umeed insano say laga kar

Umeed insano say laga kar.

Shikwa khuda say karty ho.

Tum bhi ay insan kamal karty ho.

hassi ati hy mujhy

Hassi ati hy mujhy hasrat e insan par.

Gunnah karta hay khud lanat bhejata hay shiatan par.

farsity sy barh ky insan

Faristay say barh kar hay insan bana .

Magar is main lagti hay mehnat ziada.

insan tu mit jata

Ranj say koh gar hua insan tu mit jata hay ranj.

Muskilyan muj par pari itni kay asaan ho gayin.

hassta hoa insan

Tumhay malom hay jana kay tum bhi ik qatil ho.

Mery andar ka ik hasta hoa insan tumny maar dala hay.