Wasi Shah
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Wasi Shah Biography

Name: Wasi Shah

Born in: Sargodha, Pakistan

Birthday: Janury 1, 1976

Spouse:  Zara Wasi

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam 

Wai Shah is the one of the great Asian Urdu poets. He is also a dramatist, columnist, actor and an anchor. The genre of his poetry is Ghazal and Nazm.


Munir Niazi
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Munir Niazi Biography

Name: Munir Niazi

Born in: Khanpur, British India

Birthday: April 09, 1928

Died: December 26, 2006

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Munir Ahmad, people know him as Munir Naizi. He was well known Punjabi and Urdu poet. Originally he belonged to the Pashtun family but he like to call Punjabi himself. … Read More...

Hafeez Jalandhari
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Hafeez Jalandhari Biography

Name: Hafeez Jalandhari

Born in: Jalandhar, British India

Birthday: January 14, 1900

Died on: December 21, 1982

Parents: Shams ud Din (father)

Spouse:  Zeenat Begum, Khursheed Begum

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Hafeez Jalandhari, a well-known Pakistani poet and writer. He has an honor to be the writer of Pakistan … Read More...

Allama Iqbal
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Allama Iqbal Biography

Name: Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Born In: Sialkot, British India

Birthday:  November 9, 1877

Died: April 21, 1938

Parents: Sheikh Noor Muhammad (father), Imam Bibi (mother)

Spouse: Mukhtar Begum, Karim Bibi, Sardar Begum

Children: Javed Iqbal, Aftab Iqbal, Miraj Begum

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Allama Muhammad Iqbal, a great …

Abdul Sattar Edhi
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Abdul Sattar Edhi biography

Name: Abdul Sattar Edhi

Born In: Bantva, India

Birthday: 28 February, 1928

Parents: Abdul Shakoor Edhi (father), Ghurba Edhi (mother)

Spouse: Bilquis Edhi

Children: Faisal Edhi, Kutab Edhi, Almas Edhi, Kubra Edhi

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: Islam

Died: 8 July, 2016 (Karachi)

Abdul Sattar Edhi, a Pakistani Philanthropist, benevolent and humanitarian. … Read More...

Anwar Maqsood
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Anwar Maqsood Biography

Anwar Maqsood, a Pakistani writer, poet, and painter belongs to an honorable family known as “hub of talent”.  He is the brother of Pakistani writer, Fatima Surriya Bajia and well-known cooking expert”Zubaida Tariq”. Also, the father of Bilal Maqsood, one of the popular Pakistani pop singer. 

He was born in …

Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique
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Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A)

Name: Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A)

Born In: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Birthday:  573 AD

Parents: Uthman Abu Quhafa (father), Salma Umm-ul-Khair (mother


• Qutaylah bint Abd-al-Uzza

• Umm Ruman bint Aamir

• Asma bint Umays

• Habibah bint Kharijah

Children: Abdullah, Abdul Rehman and Muhammad (Sons), Asma, Aisha, … Read More...

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Dr Zakir Naik Biography

Name: Dr Zakir Naik

Born in: Mumbai, India

Birthday: 18 October, 1965

Parents: Abdul Karim Naik (father) Pochamma Naik (mother)

Spouse:  Farhat Naik

Children: Rushda Naik, Fariq Naik

Nationality: Pakistani

Religion: British, Saudi, Indian

Dr Zakir Naik is the Indian Islamic speaker, writer, and philosopher. He also established … Read More...

Hazrat Ali (R.A)
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Hazrat Ali (R.A) Biography

Name: Hazrat Ali (R.A)

Born In: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Birthday:  601 AD

Parents: Abu Talib (father), Fatima bint Asad (mother)


  • Fatima bint Muhammad
  • Umamah bint abu al-As-bin-Al-rabi
  • Umm-ul-Banin
  • Asma bint Umays
  • Khawlah bint Jafar

Tribe: Quraish (Banu Hashim)

Religion:  Islam

Hazrat Ali (R.A) Early Life:

Hazrat Ali …

hazrat data ganj bakhsh
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Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh Biography

Name: Hazrat Data Gunj Baksh

Born in: Hajvare, Ghazni, Afghanistan 

Birthday: 1009 CE

Died on: between 1072-77 CE

Real name: Abdul Hassan Ali Ubn Usman

Title: Data Ganj Baksh, Data Sahib

Parents: Usman Ali Ibn Ali (father)

Religion: Islam

Sheikh Ali Al Hajveri also known as Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh, … Read More...