Privacy Policy

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The concern of Privacy Policy is with the security of the user’s personal information. The security of personal information of the user is very important. How the Qalandri collects and records the User’s information is explained in details in Privacy Policy.

Which Personal Information is gathered from Visitors?

We collect the visitor’s IP Address, Name and Email Address.

When the information of visitors is recorded?

The information of visitors is recorded when they subscribe for our newsletters  

How will we use the personal information of visitors?

The personal information is used only when visitors subscribe to our platform. This information includes IP Address, Name and Email Address; which is used for newsletters, latest articles and updates. The subscription and registration allow us to make improvements in our website and serve the customers in the best possible way.

How will we secure your personal information?

We use proper data collection procedure in order to secure your personal information.

We scan our website regularly to prevent different attacks.

We check our modules deeply and remove all sensitivities to prevent hacking.

We do not use your credit card information as it is not collected by our website too.

We are using Cookies:

Cookies are the text files created by the site which are saved in the visitor’s computer for that session only or may be permanently in the hard disk. Cookies help in identifying your retains and preferences.

We are using cookies to get your preferences based on your activities on our site. This enables our site to provide the services on the basis of your interest.

It is also used for tracking an advertisement. If you are willing to refuse cookies, you may set your web browser settings to refuse cookies.

Third Party Disclosure:

Your personal information is not being sold or transferred to the third party.

Children’s Information:

It is important to mention this information for children that are online. The parents are suggested to observe the online activities of their children, spend time and guide them properly.

The Qalandri does not get any personal information form those children whose age is less than 13 years.

If parents have any information about personal information of their children under 13 years of age is with us, You may contact us so that we remove the information as soon as possible.

Why do we collect your name and email address?

We collect your name and email address to respond to your queries and for answering your questions. In case, you are not willing to remain our user, you email us to unsubscribe your future email and remove your personal information.

Contact Us:

If there is any query about the privacy policy, feel free to contact us at the provided email address