Takabar is key word which means Arrogation, proud. It is to feel like knowing yourself better than other is we called “Takabar”. In Islamic point of view it is not a good thing due to this many relation were destroyed.  Most of the people use this thing as a fashion r to maintain their class from the others. As we have seen that a person who is finical stabled will compared his self with others that I’m better from that person. In today’s time everyone is facing  finical problems because of current situation many of the peoples became jobless. The person whom is their competitive should have all the facilities so he became proudly that I have all. The things in life I’m the best from all. But remember Allah (SWT) doesn’t like the person having little bit arrogance. In Islamic point of view it is a great sin that we commit in our daily life because we don’t have knowledge about it if we know some little about it we will leave this sinful act and don’t ever want to commit Takabar again.

Takabar in daily life:

All of us made this sinful act in every day of our life as any beggar come to us and we saw them with a hate. We thing that they are ugly dirty they can’t even sit with us so all these things which we are thinking comes in a Takabar .

Takabar in Islamic life:

As per Islam as we all know it consider as a big sin and in our religion. Many of the Islamic scholars our own holy book our Prophets should warn us and also help us to avoid this sinful act.

Takabr in Hades:

Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW W) said. “He who has in his heart as much faith as a grain of mustard seed will not enter hell. And he who has in his heart as much pride as a grain of mustard seed will not enter paradise.”

Zra barabar Takabar Jis shakas kay dil main zra barabar takabar hoga

Wo janat main nahi jasakta

takabar ko dil main

Gharor ko dil main dakhil na karna warna

Sara kia dahra miti main badal jayega

gahror kia r kafir hoa


Yad karo jab hum (Allah) nay faristhoun ko hukam diya kay adam ko sajda

karo tu sab nay sajda kia siwaya e iblees kay munkir huwa aur gahror kia

aur kafir ho gyia

Takabar r dikhawa

Asay gunha jinkay bad nadamat aur sahrmindgi ho iski abadat say acha hay

jis main takabar aur dihkawa sahmil ho

takabar lay dubta hy

Khabi nahi suna kay insan ko iski ajazi lay dubi

insann ko hemsha iska takabar lay dubta hay