Tarbiyat Quotes

Tarbiyat Quotes consist of two parts first part consist of Tarbiyat which means in English is “To educate”, ”To Teach “, “ To Guide” etc. Actually “Tarbiyat Quotes” is the teaching of manners, Etiquette’s, self-guidance, respect to the children in our society parents and teachers. Plays important role in Tarbiyat phase of the children/student.

Role of Tarbiyat quotes in teaching:

Teacher teaches  through education as the parents and  teachers also guide their children/ students. The good and bad aspects of their coming life and ask them to be aware of that bad phase of their life’s at that moment. When teachers and parents are guiding their children’s/students about the coming life the children’s/students. They thinks that they are just wasting our time . Nothing is going to be happened like this they are just scaring us to  enjoy the life and just focusing on the studies. But later on when they face those difficulties than they realised that they were right who aware us from these things at that time but it’s too late for them to realise .

Tarbiyat Quotes to parents :

Parents start doing Tarbiyat of their children from the very early age the age like minimum form 1 year. Because that phase of life is the best learning phase. The things that a children learn in that phase will never forget it throughout the life. So parents tries and teaches their children about giving respect to others how to eat how to sleep even how to walk how to deal with others. About every small moment of their life parents teaches them about it.

 Tarbiyat Quotes  as a motivational speaker:

Other than parents teachers and many motivational speakers got people to right path of their life’s many poets through their poetry. For addition to the Tarbiyat Quotes of the peoples some people done this work through by creating or writing quotes. For the inspiration of the peoples and for their guidance.

insane ki tarbiyat ka farak hota hy warna jo sun sakta hy wo suna bhi sakta hy .

tarbiyat r ikhlaq ki pechan

jis thara kamray main mujood choty choty surahk suraj ky hony ki gawahi dyty hyn. Usi thara insane ki choti choti batyen uski tarbiyat r ilkhaq ki pehchan karwa dyti hyn

taleem ko achi tarbiyat

Taleem ki kami achi tarbiyat bari kobsurti sy dhanp lyti hy magar tarbiyat ki kami ky shahgaf ko taleem khabi pur ni kar sakti .

akhlaq or zuban

hamseha akhlaq sy bat karo kiu ky insane par sab sy ziada musibatain uski zuban ki waja sy ati hyn.

batamizi or tarbiyat

Batamzi har insane kar sakta hay magar kisi kisi ko tarbiyat rook lyti hy.